Published in The Buffalo News, The VirginianPilot, Brain,'s Club Mid, Alternet and regional publications 

Wrote web copy, social media posts, newsletters, annual reports, brochures, speeches and Power Point presentations


Quick Facts

Edited a weekly alternative newspaper, a teachers' magazine,  a parenting website, corporate newsletters and web copy 


Reporting + essay writing 

My specialties: 

Education, healthcare and business

Awards I've received:

 First-place honors from the Virginia Press Association (feature and government writing); the Virginia Bar Association (news writing); the Virginia Council on Economic Education (feature writing); the Public Relations Society of America (newsletter writing and editing); and Radio New Zealand (commercials); and The Foundation for Child Development Child and Family Policy Fellowship 


About Me

Kristen DeDeyn Kirk

Virginia Beach Freelance Writer


One of my favorite moments as a writer occurred at 2:30 p.m. on a rainy Wednesday when I walked into a Norfolk bar. Two businessmen drank beer and smoked cigarettes as I approached them.

"I'm working on an article about the proposed ban on smoking in restaurants and bars," I said. "Can you tell me what you think about it?"

After one of the men panned the proposal, I asked him to spell his name. He complied, but I didn't write his response. Instead, I asked another question: 

"Why don't your initials match the monogram on your sleeve?"

He laughed and confessed to giving me a co-worker's name, in hopes of not getting busted for drinking instead of working.

An observer of details and a digger of facts, I’ve interviewed hundreds of people, including politicians (Mark Warner, United States senator), celebrities(Rudy from the original Survivor),authors(Sheri Reynolds,  Oprah pick and New York Times bestseller), scientists (Dr. Howard Jones, the pioneer of in vitro fertilization) and other not-so-ordinary, “ordinary” people (the Lost Boys of Sudan, a homeless child).

Telling an engaging story -- whether I'm writing an essay, a feature, an investigative article or a marketing piece -- is my top priority. I accomplish this by asking hard questions, challenging what I'm told, writing and re-writing until the words are right.